Hello fellow readers I have created this blog to take you away and delve into other worlds in the form of short stories. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them. 733C62D6-666D-4CE0-9944-8CAF57DCC4B4


Forbidden Love

As I entered the lake feeling that first dip of cool water touching my toes as I slowly let my naked body enter the water. The moon was full and bright reflecting off my pale skin. I turned around and saw him, even with his dark skin I could see him blush, he always made me blush and in that moment nothing else mattered , in this moment we were both free.
I couldn’t remember the last time I felt cool fresh water on my body, felt refreshing after days of travelling in the heat. I dipped my head under the water letting all my worries and fears wash away as if I was cleansing my soul. As I rose back above the surface I took a deep breath in and out and appreciated where we were. Damien and I had been travelling for days on end and had not rested since we left. We thought we would take advantage of the darkness and found a creek to wash ourselves and rest for a bit. The sound of the stream as it flowed down to the rock holes below. Listening to finches as they fluttered above us, they moved quickly through the air as if they had somewhere else to be.
I knew we shouldn’t have stayed too long and should have hurried off with the finches but a rest was much needed. My neck all of a sudden was covered in goosebumps as I felt Damien’s soft lips pressing on my neck, he always knew my weak spots. I turn around to face him staring into his soft brown eyes. Even now I still feel butterflies in my stomach fluttering around as if I’m a teenage school girl. He pulled me towards him close to his smooth chest, my heart pounding as we started to kiss. He pulled me in tighter as he grabbed my bum and pushed me up higher so I could wrap my legs around his waist. We had been here what felt like hours but we had only been here for about ten minutes or so but knew we had to continue on. We swam towards the edge to gather our clothes to continue on our journey. We had to keep moving or they would find us and their presence would not be a kind one. I would be let off fairly lightly , Damien not so much.
Dark clouds started to form above us as if the moon wanted to hide, that’s when we heard men shouting from behind us. His eyes looked as worried as I was, he grabbed me and swam towards the waterfall with a hanging rock. Only one person could fit underneath, looking at me he gave me that look to say that everything is going to be fine. He gave me one last kiss and that was the last time I saw him, the last time I would feel his lips pressed against mine.
I must have stayed under the hanging rock for hours the coolness of the water I had longed for is now freezing my body. I can feel my body shake either that or I was still in shock of what just happened. Come on Anna you need to move , my brain kept telling me but my body was still frozen. Trying to listen to see if anyone may still be out there looking for me, listen Anna listen the your surroundings. I can hear the waterfall trickle down the hanging rock , no sound of the finches. Should have left when they did damn clever birds. Think , think I need to get dry or I will die here under this rock. I close my eyes to listen more closely, listening to the water lightly stream down from above me down the creek, the fresh air sweeping through the canyon. Trying to hear for voices I slowly move through the water that is hanging over me, I try to stay close to the creek bed my body is still in shock still shaking but I need my clothes on before I freeze to death. I grabbed the side of the creek bed and lift myself up, crap where are my clothes? I slowly move towards the tree where we had hid them behind, found mine and quickly put them on, Damien’s clothes are still hidden at the tree, my heart skips a beat.
Written by – Natalie Louise

Photo credit – Maryanne McNamara art3130BCF3-8A49-4FBC-8165-3439ECB1F24D